About Robbie Merritt


Recently described by the advertising industries leading authority to global influencers as "An individual with a highly unique approach to creativity and an unmatched passion for their craft. This artist continues to surprise us with the quality of their work and skill set."- Influencer Times Magazine  11/2019.


Merritt is also one of Australia's most renowned portrait and celebrity fashion photographers nominated the 'First Official Photographer to World Fashion Week (WFW) Paris' in 2013 , acknowledged by WFW for his outstanding contribution and lifetime achievements, dedicated to the advancement of the arts and sciences of fashion to further creative leadership, artistic, technical and social achievement within the global fashion industry.


His confronting exhibition of over 100 Australian 'Cancer Survivors' in the 'You Are Beautiful'  in 2013 skyrocketed his humanitarian status and he was nominated 'Australian of the Year in 2014'.   


Published of late in over 300 overseas magazines and newspapers in 10 languages, in over 30 countries he is also the founding member of 'The Horn of Africa Relief Organisation' .


Merritt is a part time photojournalist within the United States Press Agency and has been since 2013 . He is ranked 'Top 10' international photojournalist.  Merritt's impressive list of clients include politicians, actors, models and high profile fashion labels from all over the world. Merritt graduated with his Diploma in Photography in 1977 where his career started at 'TVW7' and the ABC . Merritt has actively followed his love for fashion adopting the ethos "Fashion for Life".  Fashion can be used as a very powerful tool to combat poverty in many countries through responsible development of sustainable infrastructure within the textile industry.

Merritt continues to put feathers under his cap with more very successful marketing campaigns which have gone Viral due to his unique method of cross branding and marketing.

Working with A-List Celebrities as well as creating Celebrities he remains 'Humble'.

Merritt has over 50 photographic Albums with the United States Press Agency viewed by an average of 200k Fans a year amounting to over 10 million views across his Images and countless more views through his media articles, vlogs and social media pages now totaling over 12 mixed industry Facebook pages.

How does someone become more influential than Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry , Taylor Swift or Kobe Bryant.

Influencer Times Magazine explains:

What exactly is an “Influencer”?

The Influencer Times was created around the belief that everyone has to start from somewhere and that being an influencer means much more than fame or the number of followers.

At first sight, you may have thought the term Influencer applied to only celebrities and business moguls who make it on the Time magazine, and although these individuals are also on our website, we strongly believe that there are many more people in the world who deserve recognition as influencers.

Each influencer on this website goes through a rigorous criteria and research before being posted on The Influencer Times. We want to create an ecosystem whereby fans, curious visitors, and even influencers themselves can easily access information about successful professionals of the world.

We wish to promote societal development & growth through further awareness of each influencer, the mastery of their craft & profession, and to perhaps instill inspiration to readers to one day become an influencer as well.

The Influencer Times Criteria

Each influencer’s content and information published on our website have been carefully picked and researched by our employees prior to including information such as social media links, works, achievements and additional information.

Some of the factors we take into account:

  • – Social media presence: followers, posts, views, engagement, etc.

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  • – Personal achievements

  • – Potential to become an Influencer

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- Credit www.influencertimes.net/ranking